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About Us

About Us

Hiheel with the understanding of the market and the tireless pursuit of fashion trends, has now developed into a set of design, production, management, service as one of the professional women's shoes brand company

Hiheel more with its unique design concept, elegant and fashionable style, quickly won the majority of consumers love, and achieved a certain market share and reputation.

Hiheel Brand characteristics

Mainly for fashion and elegant design, the main consumer group is positioned in civil servants, professional women, white-collar, wedding and other elegant and noble ladies.

Hiheel with fashion as the theme, the brand shoe design is novel and unique, elegant and noble, easy to match with clothing, a variety of series to meet the various needs of consumers, showing the modern noble and elegant.

Hiheel Brand design features

Design technique: level, color. For noble women design with fashion, classic color system. Pay attention to contour and detail.

Show temperament: noble and elegant temperament.

Product elements: close to life, fashion and affordable.

Product fabric: fashion, comfortable, environmental protection, strong air permeability.


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